Shih Tzu Filhote

Shih Tzu Filhote
Shih Tzu Filhote

Shih Tzu Filhote is a common Toy dog that is tiny and fluffy and resembles a stuffed

Shih Tzu Filhote Temperament

This tiny dog has a happy and sweet natured and is less demanding and less yappy as compared to others. The dogs make suitable human companion, and although they are friendly to strangers, they bark in the case of any danger.

Socialization is necessary though to develop a trusting temperament with other people, and they are peaceful with other pets especially if exposed to them at an early age. Suitable dog for cuddling on the companion’s laps and snuggling on soft pillows. Perfect pet for senior citizens and celebrities.

Shih Tzu Filhote Training

The aristocratic demeanor and stubborn streak of Shih Tzu Filhote that comes along with their intelligence cause the dog to have difficulty in training. Especially training on house breaking as they do not submit easily to what they are required to do. An inexperienced dog owner may have to hire a dog trainer to train it. Shih Tzu Filhote has a very short concentration span, increasing their difficulty in training.

A lot of praising of the dog and rewarding on every action done right is required during training to make them less stubborn. Although they do not obey easily, Shih Tzu Filhote forgives easily when something wrong is done to them. Such dogs do not get into trouble easily as compared to other dogs. Shih Tzu Filhote should not be kept around young children due to their small size and their fragile nature. The children may end up hurting the dog.


Shih Tzu Filhote Coat Color

Shih Tzu Filhote has colors that are bright and colorful and may have up to three shades at a time. The colors include black, red, white, silver, blue, brindle, gold, and liver. Liver coat color ranges from light red, orange, cream colored, to deep chocolate. Shih Tzu Filhote with light coat colors may have light eye color. Some even have green eyes. Some Shih Tzu Filhote have gene colors that either lighten the coat or make the coat color gray as they grow older. The genes that determine such changes include the “G” genes and Chinchilla genes. Shih Tzu Filhote with “G” gene fade their coat colors with time, while the Shih Tzu Filhote with Chinchilla gene (CH series) gray with time and turn silver. Shih Tzu Filhote has one coat. As they grow up, they grow another coat.

Shih Tzu Filhote Maintenance

Requires a lot of maintenance to show off their beauty and to keep them healthy. Bathing is done at least once per week, and daily brushing and combing of their hair until the skin is reached are required to prevent mat and tangles. Some owners opt to clip their hair short to avoid constant upkeep.


The ears of Shih Tzu Filhote should be checked on a weekly basis for signs of irritation, infection. Wax buildup in the ears is removed using a cleanser and a cotton ball, to prevent ear infections that are common to this breed.

Brushing of the teeth is done at least once every week to prevent gum disease, tartar builds up that might cause dental problems. The nails should be trimmed short.

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